Encryption Everywhere – Choosing the right tool for the job


Aberdeen Group
This new report from Aberdeen’s Derek Brink looks both at data breach costs, and how to choose the right tools for mitigating risk based on data types, risks to be offset, and the level of data security required.

This document will help you to understand:
  • The costs of publicly revealed data breaches based on public data sets, and total value that cyber data breach insurance provided in these cases
  • Where to start when looking at encryption solutions
  • The types of encryption solutions for data-at-rest that should be considered, and their relative merits and levels of protection provided
  • The threats that can be protected against by each type of encryption
  • And what you need to know about deployment considerations by encryption type
This information will give you a strong knowledge base to help decide where to start to protect your most important sets of sensitive and regulated data as well as the right context and threat environment information for each subsequent use case and deployment of encryption.
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