Simple, scalable and compliant protection for PCF MySQL database tables with data-at-rest encryption and access control

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Pivotal combines their cloud-native platform, developer tools, and unique methodology to help the world’s largest companies transform the way they build and run their most important applications.

Vormetric Transparent Encryption (VTE) for PCF protects data stored within PCF MySQL v2.4.0 or later instances with file-level encryption and access control, effectively limiting access to database files to only allowed users and groups. This combination enables organizations to meet compliance requirements and best practices for data security, including excluding access from administrators of the Pivotal environment.

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  • Critical weaknesses of the PDF platform for protecting data-at-rest to meet industry, regulatory and best practice requirements for securing data-at-rest with MySQL
  • How VTE for PCF helps to meet these requirements
  • The architecture and operation of the solution
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