The Real Story on Encryption in the Cloud

Federal agencies face a growing dilemma: How to seize the speed and flexibility of cloud computing without sacrificing security in an increasingly distributed IT environment.
That dilemma carries over to decisions on how best to encrypt data in motion and at rest. As agencies turn increasingly to infrastructure, platform and software services that include built-in encryption engines, they run the risk that distributed encryption practices create their own set of vulnerabilities.
Too few federal agencies, however, are taking full advantage of readily available, centrally managed encryption platforms capable of securing data on-premises and in the cloud, according to new technical brief.
The Real Story on Encryption in the Cloud ,” written by FedScoop and sponsored by Thales, underlines the benefits agencies can expect to gain by deploying a centrally controlled encryption management service. Those benefits include:
  • The ability to better manage data access across multiple cloud and on-premises IT environments.
  • Greater insights into user and administrator access to agency data.
  • Improved data protection and reduced risk to data losses.